Thursday 8 October 2009


Little known fact: FT4 is my very close brush with contemporary arts. It was a group exhibition themed Vanity Fair at VSUP gallery in the month of May 2009. The title of my work: FT4 (Free Tibet 4ever) - People don't really care about anything that doesn't affect them personally. Other group shows by VA studio.

It's a (mega) stencil standing at 2.8m by 1.5m.

I never consider myself keen on politics but the whole fanfare of 'Freeing Tibet' was literally driving me nuts when I was in Prague surrounded by not just the Europeans but foreigners of all sorts, predominantly the Americans. Other senseless shit like boycotting the Olympics in China, treating the Dalai Lama like a superstar... western hypocrisy has never hit me so hard on my face.

Oh well, in the meantime, my heart goes out to the Ukrainians who are probably going without gas (again) this coming winter.

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Fabien said...

stencil totally cool!

u know me - political and personal are the same in my book

congrats on exhibition, and on bringing politics into artistic expression too :)