Sunday 7 June 2015

Twilight (after 2 years)

Thank you Luc his candid take on Twilight in a scientific light: a monoline font that simulates synapses on the surface of neurons. On hindsigtht, Twilight was started 2 years back. Although I have been 'using' it (as artworks), it remains 'incomplete' due to the unresolved ligatures **time to rethink Twilight**

 Twilight is a monolinear bilingual san-serif hairline display family that exudes presence and gains mass at its anatomical joints. Elegant and subdue but not at the expense of being flat. Twilight draws attention as an understated style of quietude and allure with the sumptuous array of ligatures.

Ucleus (The U after P, Q, R, S, T)

This time round, the name simply 'sends itself to me' (compared to Twilight). Ucleus, a monospaced wide-countered stenciled san-serif is on its way. **feeling incredible**

The Art of Calendar Design

Simple featured in 'The Art of Calendar Design' published by Sandu Publishing.