Wednesday 21 April 2010

The 'S' Font

These are some preliminary sketches for a new font. The vague idea is that it is pixel-based. Maybe it's the influence of currency/stock/weather-watching during my convalescing, or even Tolstoy's 'War&Peace' or Dawkins's 'Selfish Gene'... it's always good to identify some reference point(s).

Regardless I have shortlisted some names for as follows:
1) Saturn (a spacey feel...)
2) Spacey!
3) Scone (simply something I have not eaten for ages)
4) Spider (a tedious metaphor?)
5) Speaker (think Kylie Minogue)

Oh well, maybe typesetting 'Eyjafjallajokull' might bring me somewhere...

Vernacular Type 1

Some vernacular type I have been collecting for a while now. From Singapore, Istanbul, Kuching and for various reasons.

Sunday 4 April 2010

Everything comes to an end - good or bad

'Fire can both destroy and provide warmth. Illness is the same. I can feel joyful when I am sick. During an illness, the burden of everyday concerns disappears, and when I am cured, I once again feel his pressure.' - Leo Tolstoy

Keenly felt.
It's only on hindsight that I could ascertain I was indeed joyful at my most vulnerable.

I have no idea what to expect for my first myomectomy post-recovery. Upon consciousness, I just felt the body weak and distant. The body and mind were separate entities.

Lying in bed made me realized the tremendous milestone achievable by the body every single day. Silently bustling with unwavering determination, the busy body is constantly smoothing the nervous mind through an inexhaustible healing slumber.

The 'hyper-sensationalized' body was my source of comfort. It was constantly communicating to me on its progress through the 10.5cm wound (of course) uterus, bladder, fallopian tube, etc. And now as I got better, their acute presence is no longer keenly felt, it really feels like I have lost a friend.

I missed being in LALA-land with my friend(s).