Thursday 31 May 2012

Passing the message on

Even if it's been fallen on deaf ears...

“When a designer in Ice­land is pick­ing a font to use for his design some of the desired fonts are impos­si­ble to use for the Ice­landic lan­guage. How come?
In addi­tion to the Eng­lish alpha­bet the Ice­landic lan­guage requires few spe­cial char­ac­ters. These accented and spe­cial char­ac­ters are:
á é í ó ú ý ð þ æ ö

See this more detailed at Dia­crit­ics site.
Accented char­ac­ters are com­mon in scan­di­na­vian and east­ern Euro­pean lan­guages and are there­fore more likely to be included in the fonts. How ever we often real­ize that the Thorn, thorn, Eth and eth are missing.”
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In any case, here is a question if anyone has an answer to. If the eth is modified from lowercase 'o', why does FontLab automatically insert numeral '9' to the default eth?

Sunday 27 May 2012

The Meaning of Our World (According to the Simplified Chinese Characters) 2

Much to my horror, it just came to my realization that the original 五藏 (organs aka five treasures) which has been simplified to 五脏 shares the same 脏 as 肮脏 (dirty, filth). Gasp! Nevertheless, I am sure ample deliberation must have been put in place for such decisions to be made.


So inspiring. Just what I need:

Kohei Sugiura, Books, Texts and Design in Asia

Birth of Twilight

Finally managed to get away from the job to work on my new typeface! Calling it Twinkle Twilight for now. It was a slow start with my files dated from the 1st of May. The key glyphs are basically done and the design of '@' gave me some ideas on the italic version. Not sure if it will expand to a heavy weight as yet. Meantime, am taking some time to catch up reading 衫蒲康平于亚洲同人的对话-亚洲之书/文字/设计.