Thursday, 22 October 2009

Demystifying 'Creativity'

This entry is inspired by 2 videos I chanced upon, Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity and Amy Tan on creativity.

'Creativity' is a treacherous if not elusive expression. At best, we can only try to articulate our own experiences as a way to confront and not be condemned by our very own anxieties. And yes, a large portion of 'Creativity' is about anxiety management which never cease as a threat to bring us down to the lowest low. Waddling through a muddy stream of ambiguity and self-doubt, clarity has no business in the process of 'Creativity'.

'Creativity' is nevertheless not just about depression and suffering. Creativity is about realizing (with laborious discipline) an imagination (with plain spontaneity). A desperate attempt to make things happen at the greatest inconveniences. The reward of it all is the promise of a glimpse of a universe that we never knew existed. 'Creativity' is a steadfast commitment to the unknown.

As gratifying as it is exhausting, it is a humbling process of constantly overcoming one's prejudices with new discoveries.

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