Friday, 25 September 2009

A Week Of Faces

I have finished the 5 weights of Rue and now the ball is over at my publisher's court. I decided to get out of the house (for some social life) before moving on the the italics next week.

Thanks to CY. I manage to catch a nice (and free!) show at the National Museum of Singapore. 'A Story Of The Image: Old and New Masters From Antwerp'. I am definitely more drawn towards old stuff than new ones. The old prints are magnificent. There is something eccentric about old handwriting which is always full of inconceivable surprises only if one has the patience to pore through them.

Over at Chinatown, I saw these signage at a pomelo stall. How stunning! :) The Ah Pek running stall, also the calligrapher claims he is illiterate :O

I was killing some time at the URA and there was an exhibition on Singapore's Urban Planning. Guess who I saw? META! Oh, to be precise, it's FF META.


But somehow the union does not look too gleeful.

Last but not least, as I was updating my CV, I realized I ought to share my 'Made In Czech Republic' certificate that is typeset with a gutsy Czech font, Serapion from Storm Type Foundry.


Heng said...

Welcome back Winn! The blog looks great. Here's an article on Umberto Eco lamenting about the lost art of hand writing.

Anna said...

Wow, your Name in Uppercase.... not the best decision ;)