Saturday, 26 September 2009

Coming Ahead

I opened my font files today to get a feel of what's in store for me and of course to refresh my memory. It's been months, in fact to be exact, since 6th April 2009 when I left the italics where everything were still very raw. The lowercase are pretty much all that I have at the moment.

And just to illustrate a rough idea of the required work scope, this table is a basic character set that I would have to fill up for each weight. There will be 5 weights eventually.


吴延塔 said...

you are talking fonts now but i do appreciate your work and effort. A BOLD and Heavy 加油!

fyen said...

wah! look like a very LONG "activity series" Chart from my secondary sch day...only, you have to go create the missing "elements" in this case. :-)