Friday, 1 June 2012

Greek Letters

Even though I know that the chance of anyone using any mathematical glyphs from my typefaces is nil, I still do the standard  μ  Ππ  Δ  Σ Ω  because, apart from not wanting my OpenTypeBasic encoding format to look 'incomplete', the other motivation is to see for myself how my design works into those exotic sexy symbols, always in hope that it will give me a bigger family to 'play' in my typesetting process.

So as I was 'combing' through my first weight of a new face, I was confronted with my usual acquaintances once again. Familiar yet strange, I googled for them again to refresh my memory of their anatomy. However, this time (finally), I went a step further for my own sake and it was a beautiful discovery. It came upon my realization that the full 24 letters doubles up as a complete numeric system too! Not just the usual  μ  Ππ  Δ  Σ Ω  but the entire-24-letters.

All of these glyphs/letters/numbers (some even into each of the u&lc distinction) represent an inexhaustible list of concepts in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, neuroscience, telecommunications, finance, statistics, orbital mechanics, meteorology, computing, gaming, music, philosophy, linguistics, religion, mythology, agriculture, legal terms, etc.

No longer are these guys merely exotic-looking, they are super-loaded too.

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