Monday 2 November 2009


Prahaha - 'Me and other Animals in Prague' is my 1st typeface created for a self-initiated fanzine in my first semester at VSUP. My baby steps in the making of Prahaha was taken with František Štorm. He was as kind as he is but it just does not make my process any less stressful, not to mention the culture-shock I was experiencing in Prague. On hindsight, Prahaha is a highly-strung face that hides behind a cloak of false composure.

As it is my first typeface, there is only consideration for the english language with basic punctuation marks.
No specimen can be more simple than this. 150x210(mm), 8pp offset print.
Obviously a display face.
Postcard 110x280(mm).
Preliminary drawings.
Final poster approx 1.5m tall.
The fanzine was an exercise to put the typeface in use.
The animals.
Another issue of the same theme with a variant style.
All 3 fanzines in long-format accordion view.

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